{4 kitchen desk ideas}

I love having a little kitchen desk in our home. It's a great spot to sit & write grocery lists, stash receipts and mail, and of course it's an opportunity to create a vignette! Here are a few ideas I love for this practical nook:

1 If I ever get the chance to build my dream home I think my first wish would be to have a nice sized window to bring in natural light above the kitchen workstation. Built-in sconces or a lamp would create perfect additional lighting for the evenings:

Effie Genovese via Style at Home

2 If you don't have the opportunity to look out of a beautiful window, creating visual interest with a bulletin board is a nice alternative. It's pretty and it's practical!

A statement chair really adds omph to this corner of an overly 'utilitarian' space, and I'm loving the gorgeous Alexandra quatrefoil chair from Suzanne Kasler's line:

4 I love the idea of organization through small drawers or cubbies. Wouldn't it be fun to designate a mail/homework cubby for each family member, each labelled with a custom silhouette like the ones below?

left: via House Beautiful, right: unknown

Do you have a kitchen workstation? Does yours happen to incorporate any of these features? Any ideas I missed? I'd love to hear!


Vintage Home said...

So much kitchen/desk eye candy here...Thanks as allways, for digging up these gems for me!

Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

I love working in my kitchen as well! But I do wish my space looked more like the one with the little pup under the desk ;) Too cute!

Jamie and Vashti @ Like Me Some said...

I have the back of my desk area painted black magnetic paint but now I am inspired to do that rockin nailhead look! Thanks for the inspiration!

The Zhush said...

LOVE that nailhead bulletin board, how fab is that? Congrats on your school work, must be SUCH a relief! XX

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

Great examples of kitchen workstations, Nancy, but, YOUR kitchen desk area is one of the prettiest I've ever seen. You should have included it in your post!
Have a wonderful Monday,
~ Wendi ~

Amy Walters said...

Beautiful round-up Nancy. Love each and every one of these. Hope you had a lovely weekend. Cheers!

Sam [The Peak of Tres Chic] said...

Gorgeous ideas! I love the idea of a workstation in the kitchen- and all your inspiration is just divine! Great post lovely.



Samantha Green said...

what a great idea! i've never seen this before but if i could build my dream kitchen, i'd definitely incorporate one too :) xx

Marianne {Style For Living} said...

So many great ideas here! Wish I had the space to have one in my own kitchen. I just pull up a bar stool right now if I need it, but would love a designated spot.

Chrissy said...

All of these desks are so inspirational. Hopefully, in my next house I will have room for one!

Sharon@house58blog.com said...

I am digging that bulletin board with the nailhead detail. Great idea! Oh, and I would take the dogs in the photos too.

Andrea Johnson said...

A kitchen work station doesn't work for me! These all look so pretty but mine always looked like a big pile of paper and junk! Everything would end up on that counter space so when we renovated our kitchen I got rid of it and gained more pantry space. Now my office is the junk pile but at least I can shut the door:)


Lisa Mende Design said...

Love all the photos. makes me what to create a new spot in my kitchen!

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Oh I wish our desk in our kitchen looked like one of those ......... Hubby has a tv in the kitchen and it takes over the whole space of the desk. Ugliness ........ he doesn't watch it enough to justify it so hopefully I can take it down sooner than later.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

So many great ideas. I wish I had one. Hopefully my next house.

Kelly @ JAX does design said...

I could definitely use a workstation/organization area in our kitchen. It's a pretty big room, but half of it is pretty much empty and unused - I'd love to add cabinetry along the empty wall with all the elements that you mentioned :-)

I especially love the workstations with windows - although I'd probably spend most of my time gazing out the window and NOT working ;-)


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